Physical Therapy Coding Errors And Its Effect To Reimbursements

Physical therapy coding is the most important part of running a physical therapy office after the patients.

The garnering of a steady and regular income from these physical therapy patients is dependent upon proper physical therapy billing. Physical therapy coding errors can occur in any of the paper work. They range from data entry mistakes to errors in physical therapy billing codes to incorrect labeling. Physical therapy coding errors makes things difficult for everyone involved.

Physical therapy billing is not in the same subject matter as the physical therapy itself. Many physical therapists do not learn it. With little practical training in how to bill their clientele, their potential patients might simply choose other services. It takes a while to pick up steam and sometimes practitioners cannot buy some of the high end specialized physical therapy coding software they might need to avoid billing errors. With added pressure from insurance companies and the medical coding industry changing things continually, the billing process can take longer than necessary.

Physical therapy coding is complex and hard to memorize from year to year. Complex physical therapy coding leads to mistakes which lead to clients going elsewhere. Practices have to incorporate the payroll, the rental or leasing of the office, the equipment acquisition, maintenance and insurance. This can leave the practice thousands of dollars in the hole to begin a month. To keep the business afloat through the first lean months of business costly physical therapy coding errors need to be avoided.

Every invoice sent to and from an insurance company is vital. The physical therapy coding has to be perfect to ensure timely payment from the insurance company. Any error can lead to a week or longer in delay of payment and no one can afford that kind of delay.

To avoid errors in the physical therapy coding, private practitioners acquire physical therapy billing softwares. The developers of these softwares are cognizant of the prevailing circumstances of the billing aspect of the physical therapy industry. This awareness led them to generate programs to address all issues and eventualities of the billing process. It would be shrewd to consider this option to address the issue of human errors in physical therapy coding.

The deciding factor in any insurance claim or reimbursement from any third party is the accuracy and completeness of the forms submitted to them. Physical therapy coding is critical to this aspect. Whatever option you may adopt, the key is to prevent errors, human or otherwise.


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